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About Genius Touch

Genius Touch LLC is an Omani technology transfer and consulting company with its roots in Nizwa, Oman. We bring state-of-the-art knowledge, technology, expertise and solutions to the markets primarily in Oman and across GCC.
We do not focus on mere sales but rather on the knowledge and capacity transfer to the Omani businesses and young entrepreneurs who could contribute to innovation. With our Omani roots deeply embedded into the local culture, we know your needs and can provide with customized solutions right at your door-steps.
We strive to help companies and governments in Oman to grow and find the right products, clients, and partners all across the globe. Our passion and commitment is to drive organizations towards achieving performance excellence. Our expertise includes a diverse portfolio including Oil & Gas sector, Construction Technology, Drones (unmanned and piloted), Telecommunication, Sustainable Energy, Smart Manufacturing, Logistics, Artificial Intelligence, Ambient Living and Healthcare, Smart Animals-care and IoT 4.0.

Suleiman Al Shereiqi​


"Mr. Suleiman S. Shereiqi, is a proud Omani citizen with his international roots and network. He initiated Genius Touch LLC in his hometown Nizwa with a vision to contribute to an innovative Oman and support its development goals. Mr. Shereiqi, has a diverse background in various area of interest matching with the company’s vision."